Drivers License Renewal

DMVNow offers its users different services through its official portal. By logging into your account, you can access these services. You can schedule an appointment, renew your driving license, apply for Real ID, purchase plates, and much more.


DMVNow License Renewal Procedure 

It is possible to renew your driver’s license up to one year before it expires. The DMVNow portal makes it easy to renew your driver’s license. Before your license expires, DMV will mail you a renewal application, or you can elect to receive an electronic renewal reminder. You can renew your license online or by mail. Renewing your driver’s license at a customer service center is also possible.


Make sure that your current address is on file with DMV so that you can receive your renewal notice by mail. DMV should be notified if your address has changed. Renewal fees are the same as licensing fees. Using the example above, it costs $32 to purchase an 8-year driver’s license without classes or endorsements. You may pay your fees by cash, money order, check, debit card, or major credit card. Upgrading to a REAL ID license costs $10 more.

The renewed license will be valid for eight years and will expire on your birthday. In the case of people over 75, their licenses are valid for five years. After your license has been expired for more than one year and you do not have proof that you previously held a license in Virginia, another state, or a U.S. territory, you must retake the vision screening, the two-part knowledge test, and the road skills test.