DMVNow is a fantastic service that provides users with access to a range of services. A new account can be created, an address can be changed, or a license, ID, title, or registration can be ordered online. Moreover, they can renew their registration, license, and identification, surrender licenses they don’t need, track their delivery, and more.


By using DMVNow, users can take advantage of various services through an easy-to-use portal. They simply need to create an account on the portal and log in to access those services.

DMV Now Services You Can Access

The following are some of the services available to access on the DMVNow login portal.

Schedule Appointment: On the official portal, users can easily schedule an appointment. There is a limit of one appointment per customer. In order to accommodate multiple transactions, please book multiple services appointments with the ability to handle three transactions. A person who makes more than one appointment will have all subsequent appointments canceled.

Address Change: Your address is very important as you will receive mails at the address you have mentioned to the DMV. Hence, you can change your address when you move somewhere new.

Renew Drivers License: On the official portal, users can also renew their driving licenses. Renewal of your driver’s license is easy with DMVNow. The DMV will mail you a renewal application before your license expires, or you can elect to receive an electronic reminder.


Vehicle Registration and Renewal: It is also possible to register your vehicle on the portal and renew the vehicle registration by paying negligible fees.

Plate Purchase: If you want to purchase a new plate for your vehicle then even that too is possible on the official portal.

Email Reminders: If you sign-up for email reminders then you will receive the latest updates related to your accounts like license expiring updates, vehicle registration renewal updates, and much more.